The Trauma Program, Obstetrical Pre-admit Clinic, NICU and Emergency Department at the Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) have partnered to initiate the Home Safety Device Program to provide home safety device kits to all first time parents identified in the Pre-admit Clinic, as well as children < 2 years old who have sustained a home injury and present to the Emergency Department for treatment. In addition to receiving a Home Safety Device kit, this safety program contains a Home Safety checklist, to assess the safety of your home, along with education and pamphlets in an effort to prevent future home-related injuries among children in our community. The 10 products that are included in the kit are: grip 'n twist door knob covers, oven locks, bath buddy thermometer, multi-purpose latches, press n' pivot latches, side by side cabinet lock, plug protectors, furniture corner cushions, window blind cord wind-ups, and Give Your Child a Safe Start video. Also included in the kit is a home safety checklist to help indicate areas in the home that may be hazardous.

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Jane Edwards