The purpose of the Child Passenger Safety (CPS) initiative is to educate families on the correct installation and use of child safety restraints when traveling in a motor vehicle. Through both educational and hands-on components, families throughout our community are taught to: select the appropriate car seats for each child, securely install the car seats via the seatbelt and/or LATCH system, restrain each child in his/her respective car seat correctly, and reduce the risk of injury while riding in a motor vehicle.

The Center for Childhood Injury Prevention (CCIP) has 23 permanent Inspection Station sites throughout the Greater Houston area where monthly inspections are conducted by appointment. One site is fully operated by staff from the CCIP, while the other sites are operated by community partners with the support of the CCIP.

Additionally, one hour classes are held for families in need of a car seat that do not have the financial means to purchase them. After completing the class, families are given appointments at inspection stations, where they will receive a free car seat for their child. The children must be present and properly fitted for their seats.

Child Passenger Safety Technician certification classes are offered three times each year to train individuals who wish to become certified. The CCIP car seat experts mentor other technicians in improving their teaching and installation skills, obtaining Continuing Education Units (CEU) for recertification, and staying current on updates in the field of child passenger safety.

Finally, much of the Center for Childhood Injury Prevention's Child Passenger Safety program is supported by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT). CCIP staff also partners with local and state law enforcement, EMS personnel and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Contact Information

Program Manager: Kristen Beckworth, MPH, CHES, CPST-I