January 1, 1900

Injury Free Coalition for Kids, Ft. Lupton, in partnership with The Children’s Hospital and the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute is pleased to be a recipient of the Community Health Investment Program (CHIP) grant through Platte Valley Medical Center. Money from CHIP is distributed by the CHIP Committee in the form of grants to support community organizations involved in health-related projects or programs. CHIP supports organizations that assist children, the elderly, medically indigent and other groups whose health care needs have been neglected or are inadequate. Some general programs include prevention services such as health screenings, community health and disease-specific educational programming and health education activities involving schools.

IFCK will use the gifts to support coalition continuity, and to continue to provide the community with additional injury prevention trainings, education and events, purchase safety equipment for children and families in the Ft. Lupton community (i.e. smoke detectors, car seats, bicycle helmets, carbon monoxide detectors, etc.) and distribute educational materials on the use of these safety devices.

In the past three years, the coalition has accomplished many goals in the Ft. Lupton community. Among their accomplishments was building coalition sustainability with members of the community, establishing a monthly car seat fitting station at the Ft. Lupton Fire Department, where they distribute and install car seats and low or no cost and receiving a $137,372 grant from the Colorado Department of Transportation for the Safe Routes to School grant. This will incorporate infrastructure changes to a major intersection within Ft. Lupton including installation of warning signals and walkways at the railroad crossing and sidewalks along a busy highway. The coalition is currently providing the educational component of the grant, which includes collaborating with local schools to educate, encourage and reinforce pedestrian safety. In three years, eleven bilingual safety trainings were offered, with over 400 participants and more than 100 safety educational materials being distributed. The coalition also provided 110 first aid kits, 50 smoke detectors and 300 bike helmets.


For more information, please contact Bethany McDowell, Program Coordinator, Injury Free Coalition for Kids, at (720) 777-8344.