Local Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Atlanta Leaders Attend National Conference

January 12, 2005 - Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Atlanta

Local Injury Free Coalition for Kids (IFCK) of Atlanta leaders attended the Annual National Conference held each year by the National Program Office of IFCK. This year the event was held again in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida at Pier 66 from Dec 3-5. A well planned event as usual created opportunities to network, learn, and become recharged in our efforts to reduce injury. This year’s participants attending representing the Atlanta site were Barbara Pettit, MD - Principal Investigator, Ana Everett, MPA – Injury Free Coalition for Kids-Atlanta @ Hughes Spalding Children’s Hospital Program Director and Coalition Partner - Amanda Cadore, representing Safety Street Georgia our Pedestrian Safety Partner.

Although all presentation’s were beneficial to the work we conduct at each of our sites two highlighted guest presenters this year were especially interesting; Irwin Goldzweig; the Keynote Speaker who came to us from Meharry University discussed strategies for "Reaching Diverse Populations To Prevent Injuries." Goldzweig offered advice and information regarding partnership opportunities in research for sites based in urban communities. He also offered insight on "best practices" for reaching diverse populations.

Another dazzling presenter was Andy Goodman and since I am writing this article he receives “The Best Presenter Award from IFCK Atlanta Program Director for 2004 National Conference”. Goodman discussed “Storytelling as Best Practice” whether you work at a small nonprofit, large foundation, or any public interest organization in between, he stated that storytelling remains your single most powerful communications tool.” He then asked the question are we making the best of this most powerful tool. Through his stories of organization’s he has assisted he delighted us in sharing the effective strategies and benefits of storytelling.

He then offered his guide “Storytelling as Best Practice” which can help ensure you do. Written expressly for public interest communicators, this booklet culls the best advice on storytelling that has been featured in free-range thinking TM over the last four years. You'll find articles on:

• Why stories are your most powerful tool.

• Seven questions that can turn you into a better storyteller.

• How to build and use a story bank.

• Why story memos make program officers better communicators.

• How stories can make you a more effective presenter.

I can say he was a most effective presenter and offered the most practical resource we have available to us as we work toward gauging more resources both human and financial. Applauds to National Program Office for a job well done.


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