January 1, 1900 - Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Atlanta

Modeled after their Baby Safety Shower Program which covers a variety of Injury Prevention topics and provides valuable resources to expecting moms; Cuidad Los Nino’s: Keeping the Children Safe Occupant Safety Program concentrates its efforts more specifically on Child Passenger Safety. Donna Childress - Program Assistant reports that “Although other injury prevention information is disseminated to parents and caregiver’s who attend we are really focusing on delivering child passenger safety education because of the 95% misuse rate in Georgia and try to limit information provided to this injury topic for these classes.”

The Injury Free Coalition for Kids is also seeing an increase in the numbers of families they are serving through the Cuidad Los Nino’s: Keeping the Children Safe Occupant Safety Program. Funding for this program by the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety has allowed this site to develop policies and procedures related to its occupant safety program, expand their services to more areas in their health system, add additional staff, and serve more families community wide. A new volunteer corp of Bilingual Outreach workers has been funded through this grant also to help us better serve our Grady Health Systems Hispanic families. For more information about our programs please feel free to contact us at 404-616-3159.


Ana Everett
Emory School of Medicine
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