Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Resident Advocacy Tours becoming popular among area hospitals

September 29, 2004

For the past 18 months, Delores Capers, Assistant Project Coordinator, has been conducting tours throughout West and Southwest Philadelphia to CHOP residency physicians and most recently for nurses in the Nursing Advocacy Fellowship Program.

Purpose: To visit, tour and/or see some of the African-American historical/educational/cultural/faith-based sites in West Philadelphia that have played a role in improving the overall well being of children and their families. The tour includes schools and educational sites, recreation centers and playgrounds, faith-based institutions, cultural programs, the commercial business corridor of 52nd Street and other significant locations.

Learning Objectives: -Provides the CHOP physicians in the residency program an overview and understanding of the many resources of the West Philadelphia community as well as the multitude of problems faced by children and their families. -Offers a perspective to the CHOP physicians that one health care provider can make a difference especially when she/he can develop a consistent commitment to treating children holistically that can translate into real life opportunities for families’ improvement. -Helps them to understand the social and cultural barriers to health care and the importance of community outreach, early intervention and ongoing participation.

Check back for pics of highlights from the tour of our great West Philly community!


To learn more about these advocacy tours, contact Delores at 215-590-3776 or