Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Atlanta Receives Governor's Grant of $136,480

May 14, 2010 - Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Atlanta

Who: Grady Health System: Injury Free Coalition for Kids - Atlanta has continued to be funded by the Georgia Governors Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) for a child safety program.

What: This program, Cuidad Los Ninos, Keeping Your Children Safe, continues to distribute and offer appropriate car seats and car seat instructions to Spanish and English parents, parents, and caregivers who have been referred by any hospital affiliated resource of the Grady Grady Health System such as emergency room doctor, labor and delivery, children's hospital, neighborhood clinics, outpatient clinics, Emory or Morehouse physicians, hospital sponsored health fairs and community events or participating community partners.

Where: Grady Health System - Feebeck Hall Family Room - 96 Armstrong Ave, Atlanta, GA 30303

When: Programs will be sponsored by GOHS from October 2009 to September 2010. Classes are held twice a month in English and Spanish and on a referral basis. Please contact Ana Everett - Injury Free Coalition for Kids - Atlanta 404-616-3159 or visit website for program information updates, calendar of events, and schedules.

Parents need to know: Up to 85 percent of child safety seats are improperly used and installed. The age, weight and height of the child, as the type of vehicle, determine the type of safety seat to use.

The best child safety seat is one that fits the child and the vehicle, will be used correctly every time and is affordable.

Children are safest when the child safety seat is place in the backseat. Airbags in cars where children must ride in the front seat should be deactivated or have an off-on switch installed


Ana Everett
Program Director

Donna Childress
Program Coordinator

All media contacts are held by appointment. Please call Denise Simpson Grady Health System at 404-616-6855 to arrange a live shot or to schedule a spokesperson.