Strike Out Continues Pilot Studies

May 10, 2005 - Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Little Rock

Strike Out Child Passenger Injury is getting ready for continuation of pilot studies. The model uses instructional baseball programs in rural and small town communities to educate parents about the importance of using booster seats with children until age 8. Although 4 – 7 year olds are the target group, the program assess restraint use and makes recommendations for the entire family. An application to demonstrate effectiveness of Strike Out is pending at the CDC and includes participation from two additional Injury Free Coalition for Kids sites.

Results of the pilot were presented at the 2005 Lifesavers Conference in the attached poster.

Citation: Miller BK, Terry HM, Hodges SL, Aitken ME, Henderson LM, Mullins SH, Oldani JL. Strike out child passenger injury: pilot of a community-based booster seat intervention. Presented at Lifesavers Conference, Charlotte NC, March 2005.

For more information about Strike Out, please contact Beverly Miller at 501-364-2470 or by email at


Holly Terry
CPS Program Coordinator