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Partner Spotlight

The Society for Advancement of Violence and Injury Research (SAVIR) is a professional organization whose mission is to provide leadership and foster excellence in the science of violence and injury prevention and care. We promote educational and scholarly activities that strengthen the field and inform research, policy, and program development. We also collaborate with practitioners and policymakers to bridge research, practice and policy efforts in communities. SAVIR believes strongly in mentoring the next generation of researchers and practitioners and in growing diversity in the field and in our membership. Additionally, we advocate for improved resources for injury prevention and control research and related activities. We are excited to collaborate with other injury prevention organizations in support of National Injury Prevention Day. We hope to collectively raise awareness regarding the enormous impact that injury has on our communities, especially communities of color, and to emphasize the importance of robust research and evaluation in implementing effective prevention interventions.

National Injury Prevention Day Activities

Shining a Green Light
New York, NY
New York Presbyterian- Weill Cornell Medical Center
Lights of the Mid-Hudson Bridge (Connects Poughkeepsie and Highland)
Proclamation Requests
New York City
New York Presbyterian - Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital
NYS Assembly Manny Dos Santos
Internal Staff Education and Outreach
Promoting NIPD among Members





Contact Information

For all questions related to National Injury Prevention Day, please contact:

Dilenny Roca-Dominguez
Injury Free Coalition for Kids