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Healthy Lee provides a centralized resource to promote, empower, and inspire the people of Lee County to make healthy lifestyle choices through education and opportunities for interaction by providing extensive content on a variety of health and wellness topics such as fitness, nutrition, food, activities, behavioral health, medical care, workplace wellness, and healthy events and activities. Healthy Lee took the initiative to send an article for NIPD, 2023, to help prevent unintentional injuries and violence.

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For more information, visit: https://healthylee.com/blog/tips-for-families/its-suppertime/

Contact Information

Contact Person: Tracey Thornton
Email: tracey.thornton@leehealth.org
Phone: 239-225-8923


Program Partners

Injury Free Coalition for Kids
American Trauma Society (ATS)
Safe Kids Worldwide
Safe States Alliance
Trauma Center Association of America (TCAA)