Shining a Green Light

Program/Event Details:
The Duke Energy Center in downtown Cincinnati partnered with CCHMC/CCIC/IFC-Cincy to go green in support of NIPD. This sign is visible from multiple areas around the city and greets all vehicles that arrive in OH from KY or cross the bridge from OH to KY. It has become a popular landmark that we Cincinnatians are proud of.

# of people involved: N/A #of lives touched: unknown duration time: 24 hours starting at 12:01 11/18/21 new or strengthened coalition partnerships/relationships: New any other useful measure of your program's effectiveness: N/A

Dates and Times:
11/18/21 12:01am to12/19/21 12:01am


Contact Information

Contact Person: Dawne Gardner
Phone: 5136363153