Shining a Green Light

Program/Event Details:
The Family Resource Center greets all hospital visitors as they enter our main campus. It creates a bright and welcoming atmosphere from the outside and serves as a place for our in-house families to relax and get assistance with many non-clinical amenities.

# of people involved (employees and volunteers): N/A # of lives touched: unknown duration time (start time-end time): 12:01am 11/18/21 to 12:01am 11/19/21 amount of equipment distributed: N/A new or strengthened coalition partnerships/relationships: strengthened any other useful measure of your program's effectiveness: N/A

Dates and Times:
12:01 am 11/18/21 to 12:01 am 11/19/21


Contact Information

Contact Person: Dawne Gardner
Phone: 5136363153