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Program/Event Details:
Bicycle and multi-sport helmet use is associated with reduced odds of head injury and severity of injury, which supports the use of strategies to increase their use as part of a comprehensive youth bicycling and multi-sports injury prevention program. Whether it's biking, skateboarding, scootering or inline skating, today's kids, tween and teens do it all. Staten Island University Hospital plans to celebrate National Injury Prevention Day by raising awareness of the importance of helmet use in reducing head injuries. Throughout the month of November, the EDs' at both our N and S sites, will offer a free multi-sports helmet to any child or teen that arrives to our EDs with a head injury sustained from an unhelmeted fall or collision from any recreational wheeled vehicle.

Dates and Times:
We plan to distribute multi-sports kids' helmets during the entire month of November, 2021. Any leftover helmets will distributed until supply runs out.

Contact Information

Contact Person: Julia Glauboch
Phone: 17182269720


Program Partners

Injury Free Coalition for Kids
Safe Kids Worldwide
Safe States Alliance