Shining a Green Light

Program/Event Details:
Our community coalition will work with local and regional partners and businesses to shine the light on injury prevention across Kansas and Missouri. We will work with our off-site clinic hosts and our main hospital (CMH Adele Hall, Broadway (PCC), CMH (KS, Blue Valley, West, North, East) and CM College Boulevard, Village West, St. Joseph, Junction City, Joplin, Wichita, and Garden City) to recruit the providers to help parents learn how to protect their children from fire/flame/scald injuries and to assess these injuries to know when a child needs to come to the ED for assessment and treatment. We will also recruit the sites to light up their facilities "green".

Dates and Times:
November 18, 2022

Contact Information

Contact Person: Phyllis Larimore RN MPH
Phone: 9133145952