In 1987, California State Senator Richard Alarcón’s three-year old son Richie was killed in a car crash in North Hollywood. Gaps in pediatric trauma resources continue to exist in funding, services and system infrastructure. Despite the efforts of health and safety in reducing deaths involving children, Richie’s story is an example of the work still needing to be done. As a result, California Senate Bill 1773 was created and passed. This bill generated funds for emergency medical services and pediatric trauma care which provided Childrens Hospital Los Angeles funds to develop an injury prevention project. In honor of Richie Alarcón, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles dedicated our child pedestrian safety project in his memory.

The long-term goal of LA Street Smarts: Richie’s Neighborhood is to decrease the incidence of child pedestrian trauma. The project’s main objective is to educate elementary school aged children about the hazards associated with walking near, in and around streets.

The main focus of the LA Street Smarts project is to offer pediatric and safety education throughout the County of Los Angeles, with an emphasis in the San Fernando Valley. The LA Street Smarts project developed at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles provides an interactive experience for children to learn pedestrian safety. A child that completes the LA Street Smarts set will learn how to: • cross the intersection at a stop-light • avoid rescuing a ball thrown into the street • how to signal a driver who is backing up • safely walk around motor vehicles For project information please visit: or call 323-361-4697

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For project information please visit: or call 323-361-4697