A common thread that became apparent from the 'Injury Prevention: Los Angeles Commitment' work meeting, was the lack of any centralized place for everyone to get support, educational materials, and or contact numbers. After reviewing all the ideas from brainstorming that came from the group, a plan of action was developed and presented to all community stakeholders. Deliberations and communications are ongoing and the final project to roll out in Los Angeles County has yet to be defined. However, CHLA is stepping out as leaders to develop a Centralized Injury Prevention Web Site to extend the collaborative partnerships stemming from the day.

CHLA Centralized Injury Prevention Web Site Helen Arbogast MPH/CHES March 2008

Safety to and from School

Links: • LAUSD/other schools (data on unsavory characters, safe routes, safe zones) • Link to Peace Builders (early identification of vulnerable child, bullying, access to training for positive social skills and contract base program, gang related information, hot line numbers to call)

Distribution of Materials: • Public Awareness Announcements • Distribution of flyers out to parents • Class Education / peer teaching-train the trainer

Home Safety Links: Kid’s page: • U-tube videos, cyclic injury prevention messages, games, songs

Parent page: • Developmental information (different languages) • Culturally sensitive injury prevention information at 4th grade reading level (‘supervision is key’ focus) • List of Contact numbers to hot lines: (poison control, ED’s, police, urgent care centers, police, fire, EMS, county family centers, crisis intervention counseling, safe pre-schools, prenatal care, planned parenthood, alcohol and drug rehabs, shelters)

Stakeholder resource page: • Contact information for educational material • List of different organizations with contact people • Calendar of County events, health fairs, school events

Motor Vehicle and Bike Safety Links: • Current driving and bike laws • Parent/teen driving contracts • Information re: driving distractions for adults and teens (cell phones, chatting, texting, movies, application of makeup, unrestrained animals, seat belt and booster seat laws) • Health fairs for helmets • Car seat check points for installation dates • Drunk driving clips and consequences

Web Components • Sign in by zip codes • Survey re: feed-back from users on ease of use, getting the information needed, did they learn something new they didn’t know, and any suggestions, etc. Funding Issues • Grants: CDC, NTHSA, MCHB, NIH, CHP • Corporate: McDonalds, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Disney, Nickelodian, Pixar, Insurance Co., Matel, HomeNickelodeonrting Goods, Lowes, GrocMattelhains, Target, etc.. • Non prLowe's: California Endowment, Queen’s Care • Celebrities

Media Issues: • Spanish Channels 34 and 52 • Radio station 102.3 • TV spots – Public Service Announcements • Newspapers • Journal articles (eventually)

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