The Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Little Rock is a hospital-community alliance based at Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH), the state’s only hospital dedicated exclusively to children. IFCK of Little Rock is funded by Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Our community partners include grassroots community organizations, two schools in the Little Rock School District, the Little Rock Fire Department, Little Rock Parks and Recreation, law enforcement, the Benton Police Department, Saline County Health Department, and two neighborhood associations. There is also an internal coalition of other injury prevention programs that help plan and implement IFCK activities. These programs include:

  • Injury Prevention Center at ACH (
  • ACH Community Outreach (
  • Arkansas SAFE KIDS Coalition (
  • ACH Trauma Service
  • The Center for Applied Research and Evaluation(

Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Little Rock’s primary goal is to reduce childhood injury in three population groups: 1)ACH patients and their families, 2) families of Little Rock who live, work, and use services in the Centennial Neighborhoods, an area immediately adjacent to the ACH campus, and 3) children in other geographic areas who share unique risks, such as rural and Spanish-speaking families. By working closely with representatives from the community, IFCK is able to develop interventions that are tailored specifically to the unique needs of the community residents. Our current injury prevention initiatives include:

  • All Terrain Vehicle Safety
  • Child Passenger Safety
  • Child Passenger Safety for children with special medical needs
  • Creating Safe Home and Community Environments
  • Teen Driving Safety


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