Injury Free - Seattle is working with Seattle Public Schools and Feet First to increase kids’ activity level and prevent obesity through a walking school bus program. Our obesity reduction project will augment this work with a healthy eating intervention focusing on promotion of nutritionally sound school breakfasts. Breakfast will provide the "fuel" for the walking school bus.

Additionally, we will test ethnically favored breakfast foods within the four schools to assess the overall appeal and potential for introduction district wide.

Our goal is to increase the proportion of students who participate in the school breakfast program at our target schools. We will address this goal by: (1) improving the appeal, cultural suitability and nutritional value of school breakfast offerings; (2) exploring changes in school policies, school schedules or school transportation plans that would allow more time and greater opportunity for children to partake in a school breakfast program; and (3) integrating school breakfast promotion into walk-to-school initiatives already underway in a manner that encourages family members to walk children to school and to join their children for breakfast in the school setting.

Contact Information

Brian Johnston, M.D., PhD
Principal Investigator

Katie Busby, MS, CN
Program Coordinator
Phone: 206.251.3411