Achieving a healthier future for every child depends on more than providing the best health care. From bringing a newborn home from the hospital to soccer practice, child passenger safety is of the utmost importance. But with many different seating options, parents can be overwhelmed. Community education programs, like the Buckle Up Program, provide guidance and encourage behavior change to ensure our most precious cargo is riding safely. Many kids spend a lot of time in the car, so it is essential for families to learn how to keep them safe on the road.

2018 Buckle Up Program Facts and Figures * Partnered with 24 other agencies and organizations across 41 locations throughout Chicagoland to distribute over 1,200 car seats to low-income families • Taught 79 car seat workshops for caregivers and service providers (attended by over 1,000 adults) • Taught a Child Passenger Safety Certification Course resulting in 11 new Child Passenger Safety Technicians • Held 39 car seat inspection stations, 14 car seat check events and inspected 350 car seats • Hosted events for national safety observances including Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April, Bike to School Day in May, Seat Check Saturday in September and Walk to School Day in October