The Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Hartford (Injury Free Hartford) serves the residents of Hartford and the Greater Hartford region. Injury Free Hartford is part of a national effort at Level I Trauma facilities to prevent and reduce intentional and unintentional injuries to children. Injury Free Hartford serves the community by providing safety and injury prevention information and activities in the following areas: pedestrian safety, bike helmet use, booster and car seats, home safety, fire safety, fall prevention, and child discipline techniques.

Our goal is to decrease childhood injury by altering the manner in which residents in City of Hartford neighborhoods think about and approach child safety.

Injury Free Hartford is engaged in the following community safety education and programmatic activities:

Provide technical assistance to the Hartford Public Schools in implementing a Walking School Bus program. A walking school bus is a strategy to make kids safer walking to school. An adult volunteer is the "driver." The driver walks to the front door of each child who signs up for the program and the child joins the walking school bus. Groups can range from as few as three children to as many as ten or twelve.

Provide pedestrian safety education to Head Start programs throughout the city.

Increase the use of home smoke/CO detectors: House-fires are one of the several injuries that occur among young children in the residential setting. We propose a systematic intervention program to address the problem of absent or non-working smoke/CO detectors. Working with community youth groups in the South End and North End we will collaboratively design a youth-led smoke/CO detector promotion campaign. Partners in this project will include local fire stations. These youth-led projects will be managed and run by community agencies. Youth will be expected to conduct a pre-intervention survey, an intervention component, and a post-survey. This project could take place in a neighborhood, a city block, or even a single street.

Increase the use of stairway gates and window guards: Falls from a height are a major source of injury for young children. The use of 'gates' in bedroom doorways and/or at the top and bottom of stairs can prevent unattended children from sustaining injury due to a fall. A bedroom doorway gate has the added benefit of restricting a child's movement to a "safe" area during hours of sleep. Youth-led fire safety campaigns will include inquiries around children in the home and the use of gates and/or window guards.

Build Parents' Capacity for Praise in the Context of Child Discipline and Increase Feelings of Self-Worth: The IPC through its pilot were very interested in the use of "praise" as a tool in discipline. IFCK will use the American Academy of Pediatrics Connected Kids curriculum (bilingual) that has an emphasis on praise, offering this tool for use through its partnership with the Community Renewal Team Headstart/Daycare centers.

Continue to work with with our own Special Kids' Support Center to ensure that children with special needs and complex medical conditions are safe at home and in the community. For more information on the Special Kids' Support Center, click here.

Reduce the Risk to Teen Drivers of having a fatal accident: Working through the Allstate Foundation supported Connecticut Teen Driving Safety Partnership, we are providing safety education materials to pediatric and family practice doctor's offices throughout the state to increase the ability of doctors to effectively counsel teens and their parents on driving safety. Other partners include the Department of Motor Vehicles, Mourning Parents Act!, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Connecticut Academy of Family Physicians.

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