New Issue!

In the fifth and latest installment of Super Safe ComicsTM "The Power to Prevent and Detect Fires" you will see that fire prevention is serious business. Will Benny and his sister Emilia be able to detect the danger in time? This new 16-page comic book is endorsed by the Hartford Fire Department and is available for FREE to schools, libraries and community organizations in Connecticut. The comic book is suggested for children in Kindergarten thru 4th grade. Inquiries should be directed to 860-545-9988. Click on the cover image to the left to download the electronic PDF version.

Super Safe Comics is a series of safety adventure comic books featuring Captain Super SafeTM. Super Safe Comics are made available within Connecticut Children's Medical Center to patients and throughout Connecticut through our injury prevention and safety education activities.

This comic series is written by Kevin Borrup and illustrated by Scott DaRos. The current issue was colored by Scott DaRos and Alexis Deprey.

Publication of this comic was made possible through support from Kohl's Cares for Kids and the Kohl's TweenSafe program at Connecticut Children's Medical Center.