Nestled in the hillside of Portland's West Hills, OHSU Doernbecher was specially designed to incorporate nature throughout the building. This helps to relax our pediatric patients and inspire a spirit of calm and healing. Inside the children's hospital, the pediatric specialists of OHSU Doernbecher are dedicated to the healing and well-being of children and work with families to meet their child's individual pediatric healthcare needs.

OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital has over 1,000 pediatric doctors, child specialists, nurses and staff who are specially trained to work with kids and are focused on all aspects of medical care for children, not just serious injury or illness.

The OHSU Doernbecher Injury Prevention Program is dedicated to reducing preventable injuries in children throughout the Pacific Northwest through the outreach provided by the OHSU Doernbecher Tom Sargent Safety Resource Center and the Braner Safety Resource Center providing:

  • Public and professional education and training
  • Virtual and in-person services supporting safe sleep, safe homes, safe travel and safe play
  • Safety education and classes for caregivers, providers, schools and partner agencies
  • Community outreach to increase local access to safety-related education, resources, services and support
    • Encouraging health care providers, families and community leaders to get involved in finding ways to reduce injury
    • Supporting safety-related advocacy in the Pacific Northwest

A key part of our mission is partnering with other local, state and federal agencies to promote injury prevention education. As a part of this mission, it operates the Tom Sargent Safety Resource Center (TSSC) at OHSU Doernbecher and the Braner Family Safety Resource Center at Hillsboro Medical Center to provide access to affordable home safety supplies, sport helmets, medication and firearm lock boxes, and sleep sacks to all families.

Programs Include:

  • Child Passenger Safety Program
  • Kohl's Sleeping Safely Project
  • Infant Safety Program available to all families who deliver babies at OHSU and Hillsboro Medical Center
  • Medication and firearm lockbox distribution program in partnership with OHSU Doernbecher Department of Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Sport Helmet Distribution Program
  • ODOT Statewide Child Passenger Safety Oregon Coordination
  • Buckle Up for Life Partner