Child passenger safety services are a mainstay of our program. The Children’s Safety Center (CSC) not only provided child passenger services to the Johns Hopkins patient community but also to the general public. At one time, child passenger safety services were available Monday through Friday during regular business hours, and every other Saturday. Families accessed the services by being referred by their healthcare provider, scheduling an appointment themselves, or dropping into the safety center. More recently, the IPT has become the primary providers of child passenger safety services. For hospital patients, our IPT Child Passenger Safety Technicians are available to provide car seat demonstrations and assist with on-site installations prior to discharge. We have also supported the training of physical therapists and occupational therapists to expand the reach of this service. A Special Needs Loaner Program is available for children requiring special needs devices for safe transport. Finally, IPT conducts biannual Car Seat Inspections open to the community, patients and families in partnership with the Maryland Department of Health. Families access services by contacting the IPT to make appointments. Technicians are available at each event and assist 15-20 families during a 3-hour period. Between 2017-2019, 62 car seats were distributed to low income families that attended an inspection.