Research and Presentations

IFCK Baltimore is uniquely situated in the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy, a CDC funded center of excellence in injury control and is administered as a collaborative program of the Johns Hopkins Child Injury Prevention Network (JHCIPN). JHCIPN is a collaborative group of faculty and staff from the Center for Injury Research and Policy (JHCIRP) at the Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Pediatric Emergency Department and Pediatric Trauma and Burn Program at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center (JHCC). Our tripartite mission is to advance research and its application to reduce the burden of injuries among children; bring evidence-based services and programs to the patients and families of the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, the Harriet Lane Clinic and the Baltimore community; and educate families and providers on how to best reduce the risk of injury through injury prevention services, including consultations, community outreach, referrals, resources and safety products. Our current research projects and educational and service programs are described in more detail below.