In an effort to prevent the serious or fatal effects of sports related head injuries in children, the Injury Prevention Program at Boston Children’s Hospital has partnered with the Boston Children’s Primary Care at Longwood and other community health centers in the area, to distribute bicycle and sports helmets to families that cannot afford them. All children are screened for helmet ownership and types of sports played at routine medical appointment, and are then provided with anticipatory guidance on helmet use and proper helmet fit.

Additionally, all patients admitted with unintentional injuries are screened for general injury prevention needs, and helmets are distributed with bedside education as needed.. The Injury Prevention team is currently collecting data to determine whether this intervention could results in decreases of sport related head injury from lack of helmet use. The Safety Store at Boston Children’s Hospital also sells sports helmets at a reduced price, as well as other home and sport safety equipment, for our patients and general public.

Contact Information

Misael Abreu
Injury Prevention Specialist