Driveway Runovers Motor vehicles moving at a slow speed injure or kill young children each year. These "driveway runovers" typically occur at the child's own residence and the driver of the vehicle is often known to the child. In 2001 and 2002, there were 28 (25 injuries, 3 fatalities) and 21 (14 injuries, 7 fatalities) driveway runovers in Utah, respectively. Interventions to prevent this type of injury will rely on increasing public awareness. The campaign entitled, "Hold On To Dear Life", which exists through PCMC promoting child safety on other issues such as car seat use and gun ownership, will be expanded with new television and radio commercials directed at prevention of driveway runovers.

Posters and brochures will be available at car dealers and gas stations, as well as at daycares and schools.

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A teaching packet will be developed and volunteer speakers can present information to church, school, and civic groups. Education about driveway runovers can be included at car seat inspection stations and in physician offices. (see commerical)

Occupant Injuries: restraints Injury rates due to motor vehicle crashes are high across all age groups in Salt Lake City neighborhoods. Pilot data demonstrate a 18.7% non-use of child restraint devices. We will raise awareness of motor vehicle occupant safety in conjunction with a neighborhood "Hold On To Dear Life" media campaign, via presentations at family centers, schools, churches and local businesses. Utilizing in-kind contributions of car seats, we will schedule a series of car seat check events to improve safety in the neighborhood. A car seat promotion campaign will be instituted through the ED at PCMC to distribute car seats to families in need. Child passenger safety topics will be incorporated into neighborhood adult education classes. All program materials will be bi-cultural and bi-lingual (English/Spanish). We will also actively campaign to have a primary seat belt use law pass through state congress.

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Heather Sanders
Program Coordinator