The PURPLE program is given to families of new babies, both mothers and fathers, in the hospital after the birth of their baby. Maternity nurses are trained and provided with a script to use when presenting the materials to families of new babies. Each family receives from the nurse the 10-minute DVD and 11-page booklet about PURPLE Crying to take home with them. When possible, the parents should watch the film in the hospital and be able to ask the nurse questions. It is very important that the parents receive the program from a person in a position of authority or influence, like a maternity nurse or health educator. It is equally important that the person delivering the PURPLE program recommends its use to the parents , encourages them to review the materials, and encourages them to share the materials with other caregivers of their baby. Supporting PURPLE, the CLICK for Babies campaign (CLICK) aims at raising awareness in local communities about PURPLE. Annually, CLICK asks community members to knit or crochet purple baby hats for newborns throughout the fall months to be distributed by the hospital in November and December. At LHSC our CLICK campaign has literally reached thousands of people in our community while raising awareness about PURPLE and normal infant crying patterns. Not only has this been a huge success in raising awareness it has also helped some affected by abuse, which is evident in the large number of personal stories that have accompanied many of the donations.

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