Impact (Informing teens. Preventing injuries) is a presentation designed for grade 11 students about the social, economic, and health outcomes of risk taking behaviours. Presentations include first hand accounts of risk taking and provide students with tools necessary to make informed decisions when faced with a challenge. Two customizing formats of Impact are available and work well in tandem, in-School and in-Hospital. Impact in-school is tailored towards the specific needs of each individual class. Students will take advantage of our anonymous “clicker” system to identify the most important issues to them. Topics that can be discussed are: Alcohol and Partying; Marijuana; Distracted Driving; Party Drugs; and several other choices that put youth at higher risk for injury. Open dialogue is promoted in order to engage students in discussion of issues they perceive to be a concern within their schools. Impact In-hospital is designed to represent the journey of a trauma patient. Students will have the opportunity to travel the journey of someone who has been injured and hear first hand accounts from hospital staff. There are several areas that are toured at Victoria and Parkwood hospitals; EMS and ambulance, Emergency Department, Critical Care Trauma Center (CCTC), guest speakers, and rehabilitation

Impact is a program designed to influence decision making in youth and inform them of the potential consequences of their choices from real-life stories of Trauma patients. Students are given USB armbands which provide links to our website and community resources if they feel they need to reach out to professionals.

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