Population Health Clerkship

As part of the 2nd year curriculum for the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and Graduate School of Nursing, the Population Health Clerkship is a required 2 week experience where students have the opportunity to look at populations within our community to introduce them to the concept of health promotion and disease prevention and what community resources are available.

The Injury Prevention Department has developed a curriculum which will focus on keeping the community healthy by reducing injury and death from preventable injuries. The students have the opportunity to choose Pediatric and Family Injury Prevention for either younger children 0-13 years or older children 14-17. Students use clinical and community experience to determine gaps in existing programs and create and implement appropriate interventions. Activities include clinical shadowing of the Pediatric and Adult Trauma Surgeons, Mobile Safety Street events, Teen RIDE and Teen DRIVE events as well as activities in child passenger safety, disaster preparedness, gang task force, Goods for Guns, Community Immunity and Elder Falls Prevention.